The Global Picture For 2018

What’s In Store for Investors – And How They Can Prepare

Will 2018 be a happy new year for investors?

The equity bull market was the major headline of 2017, but are conditions favorable for the good times to persist?

What macroeconomic and geopolitical factors might influence markets and asset classes over the next 12 months?

Join us for a webinar addressing these questions and more. Segal Marco Advisors’ Chief Investment Officer Tim Barron and Frontier Advisors’ Director of Investment Strategy Chris Trevillyan, representing the Global Investment Research Alliance (GIRA), share their perspective on the financial market environment.


TIm Barron 
Senior Vice President
Chief Investment Officer
Segal Marco Advisors

Chris Trevillyan 
Director of Investment Strategy
Frontier Advisors

Catherine Hickey 
Vice President
Intellectual Capital & Communications
Segal Marco Advisors

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